Learn Our History

All Star Financial began in 1990 under the leadership of company President Bob Klefsaas. The firm was one of the pioneers in using a “fee-only” approach to investment management. That means All Star does not take payments from investment companies or other financial services firms as an incentive to recommend their products. As a fee-only advisor, we answer only to you. It represents the most objective financial advice that is available today.

In 1990, we were one of only five percent of the professionals that worked as fee-only advisors. Because of our approach, we have distinguished ourselves today by growing to approximately $1.7 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets under management.

How We Work With You

We aren’t trying to become the next mass-market investment management firm. Our preference is to provide personal service to a select group of clients. We typically work with individuals and families that are busy, ambitious and successful. They have high expectations and expect us to deliver on them.

Our experienced guidance isn’t just about helping you reach your most important financial goals – it’s about helping you invest confidently and obtain a certain peace-of-mind about your financial future.