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4th Annual Client Celebration Event

Friday, September 24th, 2021 at 5:30PM

The Minikahda Club, Minneapolis MN

Space is limited – so RSVP today!

Sorry, registration for this event closed September 3rd

Event Agenda:

Opening Remarks & Team Highlights
from Bob & Brian

Event Educational Speaker:
Market Update by Bob & Brian

Scott Andrews

Event Entertainment:
Scott Andrews – Mentalist

Scott Andrew blends a variety of techniques from psychology, hypnosis, magic and neuroscience to pluck thoughts out of people’s minds, influence their decisions and mess with their sense of reality. He’s published two books on the subject of theatrical mind reading and has contributed to several other trade publications as an editor and guest writer. For nearly a decade, tens of thousands of people across the country have experienced his unique brand of entertainment and he’s excited to be part of our event!

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