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Bargain Hunting

As we predicted in the 4th Quarter 2009 newsletter, the market was due for a correction. With that in mind, we have an extra 18-25% in a cash and bond position for all of our portfolios. This allows us to buy bargains and that is what we did on Thursday (2-11-2010) of last week. We put 2-3% of your assets back to work with the Brazilian ETF (BRF).

We took chips off the table by selling 10-16% of our emerging market exposure in late August and early September. This was after they were up 70-75% for the year. This has been sitting in money market funds ready to buy low and we did. The Brazilian ETF (BRF) was down 20% for the year when we bought it. Do not be surprised to see more than 10% of your current cash and bond positions to be sold and added to more international exposure by year end.

The team at All Star Financial prides itself on buying bargains with great growth potential. With the U.S. limited in its GDP growth, we really have to go overseas to find good VALUE and GROWTH!

Give us a call with any questions or concerns. Have a great day, as always “be blessed and be a blessing!”

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