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Can You Have the Retirement You Want?

For many Americans, the answer to the question above remains as intimidating as it is elusive. While the question itself is simple, the answer remains complex, ever-changing, and the cause of much fear and anxiety for those nearing retirement age.

So why is this question so fear inducing and difficult to gauge? And more importantly, how can we help?

Advances in technology across the financial planning industry have made a dynamic planning process increasingly more achievable. To that point, last fall we upgraded our planning software to the industry leading, MoneyGuidePro. The impetus behind the change for us was simple.
You have one burning question… “Can I have the retirement I want?

Unfortunately, even with industry advancements in technology the question remains difficult to answer and cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. There are far too many moving parts – many of which are out of your or our hands – for the answer to be that black and white. And because of this, we feel it is important to differentiate the process of planning from the proverbial financial plan. One is dynamic, ever-changing, and serves as an evolving tool that can help compare the tradeoffs among different financial decisions. The other remains a static, one dimensional, artifact typically reviewed once before resting comfortably on a bookshelf or inside a desk drawer.

This is exactly why the process of planning, not the plan itself, is so important. The process involves constant monitoring and frequent course corrections to the original plan that keep one on track, similar to how a pilot creates a flight plan and then makes frequent adjustments to that plan along the way to arrive at the desired destination safely. It is our ultimate goal to help guide you to your destination safely, providing insight into what course corrections are necessary to get there.

If you have found yourself wondering, am I on the path to a successful retirement? Can I have the retirement I want? Contact us today to start your planning process, 952-896-3820. We have the tools and technology that is required to help you answer these questions. It’s never too early or late to start planning for your retirement.

Have a great day!

The All Star Team

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