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Active or Passive Management-or Both?

We often see the debate in the financial press between those who tout the benefits of low-cost index investing versus those who favor actively managed mutual funds. Those who endorse a passive indexing approach often criticize the generally poor long-term…

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Bargain Hunting

As we predicted in the 4th Quarter 2009 newsletter, the market was due for a correction. With that in mind, we have an extra 18-25% in a cash and bond position for all of our portfolios. This allows us to…

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Gold-Hedge or Investment?

Gold is often touted as an investment by ads on the television or radio, usually by companies that do little else but sell gold! Gold and other precious metals do have some value as a store of investment value and…

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Schwab Yield Plus Update

Recently the Charles Schwab Corporation received a Wells notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) relating to the Schwab Yield Plus Bond Fund and another bond fund under its fund company management. A Wells notice signifies it is the…

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