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Comprehensive Financial Review & Plan

At All Star we want to partner with you to develop a customized plan that reaches for your goals within the context of your values. Our comprehensive wealth management process allows our team to address complex issues based on your current circumstances and will respond as the investment, regulatory, and tax environments change. Our advisors are dedicated to ensuring you receive the time and attention you deserve. With unbiased, client-centered advice, we offer a comprehensive, highly personalized plan, focused on strategies to meet your particular goals — helping you to achieve peace of mind over your financial life.

Portfolio Management

Our Investment Committee constructs asset allocation models driven by identifying value throughout the investible global markets.

We start with a long-term strategic asset allocation and enhance the portfolios on an ongoing basis with tactical changes to the portfolios.

We evaluate each client’s risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, and return goals to identify the portfolio that will best assure that every client will meet their unique financial goals.

Tax Planning & Preparation

We recognize the impact taxes can have on your financial life, and as your wealth increases so do the complexities associated with them. Our team has a CPA on staff that is available to prepare the annual tax filings for our clients as well as provides year-round tax planning as a part of our integrated wealth planning process. We take the time to understand your unique tax situation which allows us to implement and manage our portfolios to optimize the tax efficiency of your money. Throughout the calendar year, we also look for opportunities to capture losses if they arise to reset the basis of your investments, which ultimately leads to a more efficient portfolio. We offer quarterly forecasts to help you project the tax impact you are likely to face. With a professional attuned to your tax issues as they relate to your investment strategy, we can help keep you on track toward your goals.

Estate Planning

As your wealth grows, the disposition of your estate becomes more complex. A well-designed estate plan is an integral part of your comprehensive financial strategy. This is not an issue to be ignored. If the proper paperwork isn’t in place, the distribution of your assets at death could become complicated and even difficult for your beneficiaries. Taking the time today to detail your wishes and make sure the appropriate documentation is in place and up-to-date is vital. At All Star Financial, we do not offer legal services, however, we have teamed up with trusted, experienced legal partners to help you through every step of the estate planning process.

Risk Management

As a fee-only advisor, we don’t have products to sell. However, as your wealth manager we will take an inventory of the insurance policies and provide advice to improve the risk management of your assets, income, and total wealth.


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