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Minimizing Taxes

As the year comes to a close, we are just finishing up with some year-end tax harvesting for our taxable accounts. If we can lock in losses to counter our gains it will help minimize the tax burden this year for you. We do this without being out of the market by swapping your existing fund for a new fund with a similar investment strategy that is as good if not better.

Remember, these changes do not represent a change in our investment discipline or a change in strategy. We want to make sure we minimize the tax impact in your portfolios. This has been a disappointing year in the markets. Our deep value emerging market exposure has hurt our returns in 2011. We realize this exposure has yet to pay off, but we still hold fast to our value discipline that still points to the BRICK nations as our best buy and growth opportunity around the world. PATIENCE is key.Parc aquatique

Have a great holiday season! Please, if you have any questions or reasons to take more or less loses or gains this year contact us before December 30th so we can help manage the tax impact.

As always, be blessed and be a blessing!

Bob and the All Star Team

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