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What All Star’s Reading #3

We are bringing back an old classic, “What All Star’s Reading”! This blog installment will outline the influential articles that have helped shape our views on investments, financial planning, tax planning, and the practices we implement to service you, our valued client. The articles we share will be geared towards you and we hope they will provide you with valuable insight!

Retirement Saving Tax Breaks For High Earners
By Emily Brandon, U.S. News
In this article, Emily Brandon, senior editor for Retirement at US News, shares tax-advantageous ways for high earners to save for retirement. These range from the simple catch-up provision to more complex Back-Door Roth Conversions.  If you have further questions, All Star’s in-house CPA, Dave Osterberg, has extensive knowledge in each of these strategies and has helped numerous clients with tax planning, especially where retirement is being considered.

8 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Supplies Right Now
By Kyle James, Money Magazine
The summer days get cooler while camping supplies get replaced with fresh notebooks and pencils, which can only mean one thing—back to school is upon us once again. Kyle James covers all the bases of back to school shopping and ways to save—from taking stock of what’s leftover to using rewards at you favorite stores. Don’t put off school supply shopping, or maybe you should because according to this article, it pays to shop when there are deals to be taken advantage of.

Behind Chaotic Presidential Campaign, Work Begins for Smooth Transition
By Byron Tau, Wall Street Journal
The Presidential Election nominees have been selected, and All Star Financial, like the majority of Americans, has been projecting the economic and cultural implications of the election result. Keeping form with this unconventional election, the transition teams for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already begun planning for the takeover—many months ahead of the actual election. However, this article brings a refreshing hint of bipartisan teamwork, foreshadowing a smooth transition for whoever assumes office in November.  All Star Financial will continue to follow this historical election and its impact for the US and the world.

Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?
By Brett Carson, U.S. News
Being a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), has meant that being a fiduciary is of the utmost importance to All Star Financial since its founding 25 years ago. All Star was one of the first fee-only firms in Minnesota and we continuously put our clients’ best interest first. In this article, Brett Carson explains that not all financial advisors are created this way and not subject to this fiduciary standard. Moreover, he gives great examples of questions for clients to ask their advisors.  When it comes to All Star Financial, we hope all of our clients know the answers to these questions; however, if you find yourself wondering, just give us a call! We are more than happy to educate you and answer any questions you propose – after all, that’s part of our fiduciary duty!

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